We are a young, dynamic start-up introducing as a world-class novelty the easiest, most comfortable and cleanest solution for picking up dog excrements. The solution to one of the biggest problems of pet owners.

Turbidog will allow you to pick up your dog’s excrements in a much cleaner, practical, efficient and quicker way than traditional systems. We have developed a portable vacuum cleaner to absorb dog excrements and place them on 100%, one usage filters called PETFILTER.

After more than 15 years studying and considering several options, Juan José Gómez, the founder, found out that the best way to pick them up was vacuuming, and then started developing a prototype at home. Once the idea was developed and supported by engineers, TURBIDOG was born to be what many consider a revolution in the sector of dog hygiene.

Two models are available — TURBIDOG and TURBIDOG COMPACT, according to the size of the pet. Both models vacuum effortlessly solid and liquid materials.

Right now, more than 50 companies from all over the world have submitted distribution requests. Turbidog’s success has just begun…

Our range:



Turbidog is designed for owners of medium and large pets.   Learn more...  

Turbidog Compact

Turbidog Compact is designed for owners of small and medium pet. Learn more...