Advantages of Turbidog


Avoid contact and approach to the droppings.


Waste materials are 100% recyclable.


It takes very comfortably and gives us freedom in the ride.

System Usability Turbidog


Place the cartridge


Vacuuming the remains


Disinfect the area(Model Turbidog)


Placing the cartridgeIn the container of organic

Información referente a la garantía del producto.

• Turbidog offers the buyer a 2-year guarantee, as stated in the Guarantee Book. This guarantee will be valid as long as the client uses the product properly, following the instruction manual and using original spare parts and materials.

• Turbidog is designed so the outer casing cannot be closed again if anyone tries to manipulate the inside. In this case, the buyer will lose the guarantee automatically, and will be charged for shipping costs and repair costs if he wants it to be repaired.

• If a client buys the product and it doesn’t work properly, the seller must be contacted and a new one will be provided automatically, as long as it has been used properly and not manipulated.

• All of the features and details are included in the Guarantee Book enclosed within the product’s box.